Made-to-order / "帙・Chitsu" and upholstered case

Make a bespoke upholstered case.

"Chitsu" protects the book from damage.

In addition, it has been used for various purposes since ancient times, such as storing separate books such as the first volume and the second volume together.

All are handmade.

From the basic format, you can arrange it according to the saved contents.


The basic cloth is a dark blue cloth.

You can also choose other fabrics for an additional fee. In that case, select from the cloth sample book.


Then, please see the "Chitsu" page!

Types of "帙/Chitsu" tailoring

There are two types of tailoring: normal tailoring and advanced tailoring.


normal tailoring 

The connection surface of the paperboard (the core material of the case) is finished vertically.


advanced tailoring

  The connection surface of the paperboard (the core material of the case) is finished with a V-cut of 45 degrees.

 Normal wrapping type."帙/chitsu"

(You can choose between regular and advanced tailoring.)

 It is a general 帙/chitsu.

Since the top and bottom are open, care must be taken when handling and measuring such as dropping.

*Reference image of normal tailoring 

*advanced tailoring


Four-way wrapping type "帙/chitsu"

(You can choose between regular and advanced tailoring.)


It is a format that folds items from all sides. Since there is no worry that the stored items will fall off, the internal dimensions can be measured slightly larger.

四方帙 *Reference image of normal tailoring 

四方帙 *advanced tailoring


Box-type "帙/chitsu"


The storage part is box-shaped.

We will manufacture it with the inner dimensions of the inner box.

It is a versatile and convenient format.

The bottom plate of the inner box is fixed unless otherwise specified, but it can also be lifted or removed with a string.

Please contact us as we will make it according to your wishes.


Box-type "帙/chitsu" Production example image.

It is also possible to take out the bottom plate inside the box.(The image is an example.Please contact us for specifications.)

*Extra charges will be added.

Open lid box type "帙/chitsu" 


About the production price.

The manufacturing price is calculated based on the dimensions of the item to be stored or the internal dimensions (length + width + thickness = total dimensions).


Estimate based on dimensions, fabric type, content, etc.

Please contact us for a formal order price, as we will quote upon request.






Custom case lining paper

You can choose the paper to be attached to the inside of "Chitsu" from the catalog at an additional charge.

*Depending on the situation, it may be out of stock or out of print.

Bespoke fabric catalog.

"帙/Chitsu" can be made with your favorite custom-made fabric.

 (A separate fee will be charged.*Depending on the situation, it may be out of stock or out of print.

 When making a request, please select the fabric from the catalog at the bottom of the page and include the catalog number in the email when ordering.


(If there is no request, we will use dark blue fabric.


As this is an image, the color and texture may differ from the actual product. 

Made-to-order fabric price (added separately to the "chitsu" price) 

It can be devised and manufactured with original specifications.

Box-type "帙/chitsu"

Double box type example.

Box-type "帙/chitsu"

An example of a custom-made cloth box with a partition.

Please feel free to contact us as we will manufacture it according to other items to be stored and applications.


Make a postcard to hold important letters and postcards.



Let's make a Japanese-style case to put pottery.



Let's make a Japanese-style case that can be used in everyday life.


I want to make "Chitsu" using a wooden box.