About the sale of made-to-order products.


As it is made to order, please contact us first.


① Please contact us by email first.

  At that time, please let us know the contents such as the desired product and the items to be stored.

  We will make an estimate after consultation regarding the contents, dimensions, and other specifications.

 (It will take some time for the quotation.)

  Please note that the production days vary depending on the type because it is made to order.



 ② We will send you the details by email when the quotation is completed.


③ If you are satisfied with the contents of the quotation, we will accept a formal order.


It will be a transaction with advance payment.

 Please pay by credit card.

 We will send you an invoice for credit card payment.


⑤After payment is confirmed, the order will be formal.(Order decision.)

  We cannot accept cancellation of orders after payment.


⑥We will notify you by email as soon as the product is completed.


⑦We will ship the item.



Since it is made to order, it cannot be canceled, refunded or returned after the order has been decided.



We apologize for the inconvenience, but the workshop "Shokoan" does not respond to inquiries by phone.


For inquiries about the workshop "Shokoan", please email from the menu bar or the inquiry linked below.



We do not allow the use of our company by antisocial forces such as gangsters.

If the fact is found during a business negotiation or after receiving an order, we will refuse to manufacture or sell it at that time.


(メニューバー暴力団排除条項 約款参照)